Carex brevior, Fescue sedge

Carex gravida, Heavy sedge

Hesperostipa spartea, Porcupine grass

Sorghastrum nutans, Indiangrass

Asclepias syriaca, Common milkweed

Cirsium altissimum, Tall thistle

Echinacea angustifolia, Narrow leaf purple coneflower

Penstemon grandiflorus, Shell-leaf beardtongue

If you're interested in any of the seed listed above, please contact us (alsonkrohn@gmail.com)! We are primarily a wholesale seed farm. If you're interested in a custom mix, please contact us a year in advance if possible. We typically have more seed than is listed here but it may not have been tested or not a large enough quantity to test. For more up to date information, follow us on facebook: Shoestring Acres