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marknebraskaShoestring Acres Seed is a small native seed farm located in Antelope County Nebraska, west of Neligh, south of Clearwater.  Our focus is local ecotype wildflower and grass seed that is adapted to upland environments.  Currently we have approximately 4 acres planted to first generation (G1) wildflowers and grasses.  Most of the foundation seed was harvested within 25 miles of the farm.

We process the seed in our garage in Lincoln, Nebraska after work and on weekends when we aren’t at the farm.  Currently the business is part time while we learn how to grow, harvest, and clean various species.  Our primary customer is Pheasants Forever.  But we also sell small quantities of seed to individuals.  Please look at what we have available or contact us if you’re looking for a something we have not listed.  We can harvest on a contract basis (akrohn@shoestringseed.com).

Shoestring Acres Seed   3929 Washington Street   Lincoln, NE  68506  (402) 310-7353